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Global Estate Research is the strategic business line for top customers like multinational concerns, investment banks and fund corporations that have real estate portfolios in various countries. Our specialists continuously monitor and process information about relevant locations, to produce trend analyses which show the most profitable and secure investment prospects in the fast growing economic centers of the Middle East. The studies conducted by the research department also support the strategic positions and decisions of Global Estate itself.

Global Estate provides investors, project developers and property owners not only reliable market information, but also makes available an assessment matrix of intangible and unofficial location factors. We also gather up to date information about a sector that is becoming increasingly more complex, including general conditions about locations and prognoses regarding rental and sales trends, attainable net yields and demand developments.

A consultation through Global Estate Research is based, in the first instance, on careful consideration of the business objectives. This allows us to derive a personalized analysis from our data pool in order to present a well-substantiated recommendation. Naturally, our consultation does not end there; we accompany our clients during the operational analysis and planning if they so wish, as well as during the implementation on location or in international coordination.


Over the last few years, both tracking and analyses have indicated a steady growth within the Middle East and the Emirates. This is why Global Estate is focusing its activities at this time, within the scope of this window of opportunity, on this very promising and quickly growing market, in order to realize the highest profits and net yields possible for our clients.

As the first to act, Global Estate will claim a dominant market position, which will be expressed not only in the unique quality and size of its portfolio, but also in the possibilities offered by combining trends with projects. In this way, our clients can increase the value of their resources and ensure the level of quality of new developments. The resulting “win-win” situation will benefit developers, investors, businesses, buyers and the Emirates Dubai, which correlates exactly with Global Estate’s philosophy.

In keeping with to our integrated approach, Global Estate Research works especially towards meeting the requirements of this market segment and target group, to follow the strategies and realize the defined marketing and use concepts. Our clients can also take advantage of extraordinary synergies through our dealings within the Emirate Estates Group if this is expressly requested. In this way, market players can work together to implement projects faster and widen the scope of their offers as well as increase their customer base.

Sources Of Information

Global Estate is supported by its highly qualified network of local and international information sources, so as to have ready access to up-to-the-minute market information. Scientific methods of data collection and assessment in combination with extensive databases guarantees valid and well-structured information.

Global Estate Research – the strategic foundation on which secure operational decisions are based.



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