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We expressly accept our duty to do everything in our power to observe and promote fundamental business principles and employ and maintain honorable management practices in all of our real estate dealings.

1. Transparency, fairness and reliability towards investors, business partners, colleagues and public offices, form the basis of our business interactions as a member of the real estate sector. Maintaining these basic principles instills trust in the real estate business that we, as an economy-minded and socially conscious sector greatly encourage. 

2.  The management team has professionalism, the necessary qualifications, personal integrity and the right amount of experience. Global Estates ensures continuous training for its managers, specialists and junior staff so as to maintain sector standards.

3. The valuation of real estate assets follows established sector standards and valuation procedures. Independent certified experts make their determinations of market and book value according to recognized methods and based on current and objective market information. The methodology is clear and easily substantiated.

4.  Characteristic for the real estate business is high capital commitment and often many years of investment and product development. Global Estates places special importance on the security of investments, which is why systematic controlling and pro-active risk management, two of our core competencies, are given the highest priority in business dealings.

5.  Corporate communications take place along the principles of corporate ethics. Everyone is treated in the same manner. Information follows the form, language and media that are usual for the sector and will be objective, clear and concise. 


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