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Global Estate offers regional, national and international investors, property users and owners a wide array of real estate services. Its multinational network ensures a uniform standard of cross-border services at the highest level, in our core competencies: Research, Real Estate Marketing, Project Development and Investment Consulting.


Global Estate is currently focused on the new Dubai real estate market. This position brings with it distinct benefits for our partners: We know and understand the market, and can therefore give fresh impetus to its development.  We recognize prospects and trends and know what may or may not work for our partners. Becoming the leader of a clearly defined market segment represents a challenge. Maintaining and widening the lead on our competitors is therefore an obligation to our partners, who expect the best possible performance.

Our development of marketing and user concepts are especially geared towards the market segment and the needs of the target group. Through this means, as well as through continuous observation and analysis of the market, and the synergies derived from our cooperation with local project developers, we can offer our clients the highest measure of quality advice.

Our advice is based on thorough assessment of business objectives, a rational diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses that may affect the market in the real estate location, as well as a prognosis of future prospects.  We give our customers professional advice that is based on sound knowledge of the regional market in order to clear up any differences of opinion.

Real Estate  in the growing Markets

Global Estate as your competent partner for real estate investments fulfils all the requirements for real estate acquisition in Dubai. Our specialty is to put the objects of completed and planned acquisition to the acid test and to find those that suit your needs. Finding and acquiring a suitable residence or a promising investment in the quickly expanding Dubai real estate market seems to be complicated and tough. A lack of transparency in property offers and inconsistency in real estate trends present problems and questions, that Global Estate can solve quickly and reliably.

At the start there will be your investment motives and objectives. Our research department provides, in close cooperation with our on-site people, data and forecasts from which we derive the optimum strategy. You can count on our consultants during the implementation phase.

Sources of Information

Global Estate is supported by a network of highly qualified information sources in order to have ready access to up to the minute market information. We are process oriented, have strong research support and offer each and every customer homogeneous standards at the highest level. Global Estate was launched particularly for multinational concerns and investment banks which maintain cross-border real estate portfolios. Our team points out the opportunities through which potential clients can optimise their business results by investing in property in the United Arab Emirates.


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